On 21 March, Johann Georg Albert Hofmann is born in Weissenburg, Bavaria, to Theodor Friedrich Hofmann (3 August 1855–19 August 1903) and Franziska Manger Hofmann (18 February 1849–10 May 1921).

Hans is the second child of Theodor and Franziska. His older brother Karl was born in 1878 in Weissenburg; three younger siblings—Rosa, Maria, and Theodor—were born in 1881, 1883, and 1884, in Forchheim, a large town north of Nuremberg. 



After several job-related relocations to other Bavarian cities, Theodor is hired as a Funktionär (an entry-level administrative position) in Munich, in the State Ministry of the Interior. The family moves to the Bavarian capital city on 4 June, and take up residence in an apartment on Zweibrückenstraße.


1898 — 1899

In November, Hofmann moves into his own apartment in Munich on Corneliusstraße; in August 1899, he moves to 47 Georgenstraße, located in the bohemian Schwabing district of Munich. He, too, takes a job as a Funktionär at the State Ministry of the Interior, following his father’s career path.

Between 1898 and 1899, Hofmann begins his part-time art education with lessons from German artist Moritz Heymann.